Hampshire Service

PARCS Hampshire service runs on Mondays and Tuesdays to female and male survivors of sexual abuse.

What Does PARCS Hampshire Service Offer?

The PARCS Hampshire service is offered to individuals living in South East Hampshire, in the boroughs of: Gosport, Fareham and Havant.

The following postcode areas: PO6 1; PO7 5; PO7 6; PO7 7; PO8 8; PO8 9; PO8 0; PO15 6; PO15 7; PO16 7; PO16 8; PO16 9 PO17 5; GU32 1; GU32 2; GU32 3; GU31 4; GU33 6; GU33 7

Counselling and telephone counselling and support are available regardless of how long ago the violation(s) took place. Often people seek counselling many years after a sexually abusive experience; others seek support soon after the incident.

Referrals for counselling are accepted from individuals and from professionals on behalf of individuals. To refer yourself please phone either the PARCS helpline numbers or the PARCS office number 02392 669513

Once referred, the individual is contacted by the counsellor to confirm that their name has been placed on the waiting list. On reaching the top of the list and when the next counselling space becomes available – the individual is again contacted by the counsellor to arrange an appointment time for the Initial Assessment.

An Initial Assessment lasts a maximum of an hour and a half and it is the time for the counsellor and client to decide whether PARCS counselling service is appropriate for the individual, the basic counselling process is explained and any initial questions can be answered.

Both long and short term counselling is provided and the length of any therapy will be determined on an individual basis. Most clients attend a minimum of six counselling sessions, with the sixth session incorporating a review process. The aim of the review is for both the client and counsellor to monitor how things are going. It may be that six sessions are enough for some individuals or it may be decided in the review to continue with the therapy.

Counselling takes place at our confidential address in dedicated well-resourced counselling rooms.

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