PARCS are able to provide free CISVA services to young survivors (aged 5-12) of rape/sexual assault and that have an ongoing criminal investigation. The service covers Portsmouth and South East Hampshire, postcodes PO1-PO17 and GU30 – GU32.


What can/does a CISVA do?

The aim of the role of a CISVA is to relieve concerns and anxiety by providing emotional and practical advocacy support from their initial attendance right throughout the criminal investigation, trial and sometimes beyond (if necessary).

The CISVA will be the voice of the child and will liaise with other agencies involved (with appropriate consent) to act as a single point of contact.

Each support plan is tailor made for each child, put together and agreed by the CISVA, the child and their safe adult. This can take place at a suitable location where the child feels comfortable and safe.

To allow the CISVA to provide the necessary support throughout the criminal investigation, it is important that the case details are not discussed. However, how the child is coping and their feelings about the incident is important to providing an effective plan, so this is monitored at each meeting.



To refer a child/family for advocacy support please contact the PARCS office on 02392 669513.


Further information

For further information on the role of an Independent Sexual Violence Advocate, see here.